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The company has the state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities and is equipped with high precision machineries to produce the gearboxes of high quality. The company has a built-up area of
30,000 Sq.ft.
for its manufacturing activities. The current investment in sophisticated infrastructure facilities is USD 1 Million. We are also planning for an expansion in the coming years with spacious manufacturing place of 50,000 sq.ft with ultra modern facilities. High quality gearboxes and machined components are manufactured with the help of CMM and well-trained quality personnel. The company is investing constantly on the quality control equipments to inspect and assure the quality of products/components. Above facilities enables M.M.Gears to be more customer centric and achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

List of Machineries:
We take pride in listing our sophisticated machineries and equipments.

1. CNC Horizontal Machining Centre

Table Size Machine Model Spindle Detail Quantity
400 x 400 BFW / H400E BT40/20 Tools 1 No
400 x 400 BFW / H400E BT40/40 Tools 1 No
400 x 400 MITSUI SEIKI/HR3C BT40/45 Tools 1 No
400 x 400 NIKATA EN40B BT40/45 Tools 1 No
500 x 500 BFW / H500E BT50/40 Tools 1 No
400 x 400 MAKINO / a51 HSK63/60 Tools 2 Nos
500 x 500 MAKINO / a71 HSK100/60 Tools 1 No

2. Conventional machines

WMW Gear Hobbing Machine (dia 1500mm x 16 module)
FO- 6 TOS Gear Hobbing Machine (dia 800mm & 6 module)
Gear Hobbing Machine with DRO (dia 600 & 6 module)
CESPEL Gear Grinding Machine (dia 326 x 6 module)
WMW Niles Gear Grinding Machine (dia 500 x 10 module)
Reishauer Worm Grinding Machine (German make) (dia 250 x 1400mm)
Matrix Worm Grinding Machine (German make) (dia 250 x 800mm)
WMW Tread Milling Machine (Center to center 1 mtr)
WMW Tread Milling Machine (Center to center 1.5 mtr)
Tos V4 Vertical Milling Machine
Horizontal Boring Machine DRO (63mm spindle)
Copper Slotting Machine
Batliboi Milling Machine
Horizontal Broaching Machine (5 Tonnes)
Gear Deburring Machine

Thread Whirling Machine (dia 200 x 2m)

Automatic Keyway Machine

3. Quality Testing Machineries

Gear lead and profile tester
CMM- Accurate Spectra 6.8.5 (CNC Version) - 1 Nos
Trimos Vertical TVA 600
Brinell Hardness Tester KB300H
Rockwell Hardness Tester
All types of gauges and instruments
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