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Our range of products include:

Screw Jack Non-standard and Custom Built Gearboxes
Geared Motors Aerator Gearboxes for Prawn Culture
Worm Gearboxes Cooling Tower Gearboxes
Helical Gearboxes Tyre Changer Gearboxes
Spur and Helical Gears Worm and Worm Wheel Pairs

Worm Gearbox with
Motor flange
Adaptable Worm Gearbox Aerator Gearbox
Over driven Worm Gearbox Downward Mounting Worm Gearbox (WGB) Helical Gearbox
Tyre Changer Gearbox Screw Jack Compact Worm Gearbox
Double Reduction Worm Gearbox Heli-Worm Geared Motor  

Single Reduction / Double Reduction Gearboxes:

Single Reduction Gearboxes: All gearboxes are available in ratios of 5: 1 to 70: 1.

Double Reduction Gearboxes: All gearboxes are available in ratios of 100: 1 to 4900: 1.

Technical Specification
500 rpm Input
750 rpm Input
1000 rpm Input
1500 rpm Input

MM Single reduction gearboxes casing are built sturdily with close grained, Cast Iron conforming FG 260 grade. The gearbox is provided with amply designed fins with suitable fan for adequate dissipation of heat generated. The entire design is based mainly on BS 721 / 1963 to accuracy class A. BIS Specifications are used wherever possible. The gearbox design is in such way that is interchangeable with the standard gearboxes.

The worm is of high quality casehardening steel very accurately generated and ground finished for the better performance. The worm wheel is of extremely high quality phosphor bronze spin cast with a considerably substantial section, rigidly held to a strong hub with eutectic welding technology / Sandwich Casting.

Both worm and worm wheel shafts are mounted on quality tapered roller / angular contact bearings with adequate safety margin to handle the over-hung loads. Subject to the limitation of oil temperature of 90°C under full load, the gearbox will give a minimum gear life of 20,000 hrs. Lubrication is positive. MM Gearboxes require absolutely no attention at all in operation, excepting for the oil level check once in fortnight.


Recommended Lubricant ISO VG 320 I SERVO SYSTEM 320

The MM Speed Reducer lubrication system is self contained positive and automatic at all speeds of operation and in either direction of rotation. Adaptable units are provided with breather, oil level and drain plugs and it must be ensured that these are correctly positioned as shown on the accompanying diagram. Other units incorporate a dipstick for oil level checking, an oil filler-cum-ventilator, and drain plugs. Their locations are shown below.

MM Speed Reducer units are supplied without oil and must be filled with the correct grade of lubricant to the correct level. It is important to ensure that the correct oil level is not exceeded as over filling causes oil churning which results in overheating and leakage.

A - Oil filler-breather B - Oil Drain C - Oil Level D - Grease Point

Position - A Position - B Position - C
Position - D Position - E Position - F
Type U 400 - 800 Type V 400 - 800  
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